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if there's one thing you need to know about me, is that i love building stuff that solves real-life problems. Scroll down to learn more about me!

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Hey there, it's Lefan here. I'm currently working as Software Engineer II at Ownit.

While I do lean towards frontend, during these past months, I've found myself really enjoying the motion of building Full Stack applications that solves real-life problems. All the way from laying out services architecture, designing data models, designing a sleek and functional product; it's a lot of fun.

But during my free time, I like to play badminton, squash or walk around the neighbourhood, can't be sitting around all day, especially when you have lower back problems like myself.


Lefan is one of the smartest most hard working engineers I’ve ever worked with. He’s product-minded, easy to collaborate with and I think he’d be a huge asset to any team he’s a part of.

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Chris Lee
Lead Product Designer @ Ashby

This guy codes for sure.

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Charles Chen
Founder @ Turas


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